Valuable Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

If you are a university student who is about to graduate with a diploma in multimedia or related studies, you will find our internship program very rewarding. VNC Production offers valuable opportunities for fresh graduates and gives them a significant advantage in establishing a successful career by providing on-the-job training and the chance to gain practical knowledge and experience outside the university curriculum.

If you have a sincere passion and interest in the video industry and would like to work for the best video production company in Malaysia, then you should definitely consider signing up for an internship with VNC Production.

Advantages of Becoming an Intern at Vnc Production

  • 1) Interns get to take part in the video production of major company projects.
  • 2) Interns get financial compensation.
  • 3) Interns receive substantial training that will be useful for their long-term careers.
  • 4) Interns that perform well will get extra rewards.
  • 5) Interns that perform well will get glowing recommendation letters that they can use for future job applications.

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