Welcome To VnC Production

Who We Are ?

VnC Production is an wedding and event videography team.

Established in 2010, our journey began with wedding photography. We have been evolving our skills and style throughout the years, to becoming one of the top wedding videographers in Malaysia today.

We take our craft seriously and has been constantly evolving our shooting style throughout the years. But one thing remains as we always want our films to stay true to our couple’s personalities.

Every wedding always has its own story to tell. About two person with different characters that are united by love. We’re not directors and there is no screenplay. We are merely storytellers that rely on raw emotions and simply capture the moments as they unfolds, in the most creative way possible.

The truth is your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion – The two of you are about to start the most challenging. rewarding, exciting, life-changing experience of your lives together – And choosing someone to document the day is a big decision.

Its important you find someone whose work you LOVE – But we believe its just as important you find someone who will bring out the best of who you are in your videos! Afterall – Your wedding day is meant to be an amazing celebration – You probably want a team who are fun to be around! We’re lovers of adventure. perfectionists. artists. and very addicted to coffee. Give us a good spot and we can get lost for hours. We hope this guide gives you an idea of our style and who we are!

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Our Services

Video Production

Animation Video

Animation or explainer videos are a great way to
make things easier for your customers to understand your products or
services, with carefully crafted animation and voice-over narration.

  • Promo or product videos

  • How-to or tutorial videos

  • Infographic or facts videos

  • B2B or tech videos


Video Production

Besides mobile, mobile, mobile, another trend happening right now is video, video, video. Short videos work best on social media so it’s time to invest into creative and impactful short form videos.

  • Promo or product videos
  • How-to or tutorial videos
  • Overvew or tour videos
  • Corporate or B2B videos
Digital Marketing Agency

Google Ad: SEM / GDN / YT

While Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM a.k.a.
PPC) is fundamental for almost every business, Google Display Network
(GDN) and YouTube advertising is best for your loud, tactical campaign.

  • SEM / GDN / YouTube campaign setup

  • Ad creative development

  • Budget & campaign optimization

  • Performance review


Facebook Ad / Management

Facebook together with Instagram are the perfect platforms to execute push marketing, demand generation campaigns or content.

  • Campaign setup / social media strategy

  • Ad / content creative development

  • Budget & campaign optimization

  • Performance review


Influencer Marketing

Influencers a.k.a. Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in the form of Instagrammers and YouTubers are effective for your brand or product launch, epecially for industries like fashion, beauty etc.

  • Campaign concept & planning
  • Shortlist & recruit influencers
  • Communicate & coordinate with influencers
  • Performance review
Creative Agency

Advertising Creative

Produce effective digital banners for your ad
campaigns to draw attention from the target audience, your campaign will
be meaningless without that click or tap from your potential customers.

  • Facebook / Instagram ad creative

  • LinkedIn / Twitter ad creative

  • GDN ad creative (GIF / HTML5)

  • Ad creative for other media


Content Creative

If you are managing social media in-house but lack
creative designers, consider outsourcing your creative development to
produce static and animated visuals or even short videos.

  • Lifestyle / product content creative

  • Informational content creative

  • Reaction content creative

  • Greeting content creative


Web Development

Your website is your online salesman so don’t take
this lightly, be it your regular website, B2C business showcasing online
catalog using a CMS, or  landing page.

  • One-pager microsite (landing page)

  • Standard website (static pages)

  • WordPress CMS website

  • Other web assets


Print / Event Creative

Besides digital, traditional media (out-of-home billboard, signage, catalog, other print materials) and events are still effective for certain businesses to reach out to their target audience.

  • OOH animation or static design
  • Print design (catalog etc.)
  • Event concept & collaterals
  • Other traditional media formats
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Supply and Repair Printer