By booking a package provided by VnC Production, you are in agreement with the terms and conditions set out below.

Booking & Pricing

  • After CUSTOMER paid and agrees with VnC Production package, package price are final (not eligible for discount). However, CUSTOMER are still able to add items if necessary.
  • Deposit required for a booking is RM300 (subject to changes). 95% remaining balance are to be paid 14 days before the FIRST event date & the 5% balance are to be paid upon album/product collection.
  • Price offered does not include outstation charge(if any) & free gifts.
  • Free items (IE Outdoor Session, Posterframe) are not inclusive in package’s price. Free items are not transferable to cash or to be used as discount if CUSTOMER are not interested with the free items. However, it is transferable to item with the same pricing.
  • If the free outdoor photoshoot session are held and it’s raining, VnC Production are to hold the session indoors. Free outdoor photoshoot session are not allowed to be done on another day other than the event day unless CUSTOMER agrees to pay RM300 for the session.
  • Distance from event location to outdoor session are 20 kilometres maximum or 20 minutes travel time. If it exceeds both criteria, additional RM50 will be charged to the CUSTOMER.
  • Outstation charges & accommodation are to be advised by VnC Production Salesperson(if any).
  • Minor amendment for Video Highlight are only allowed once. For next amendment, RM100 will be charged. Major amendment will be charged RM500.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Deposit will be kept by VnC Production if event are postponed.
  • Any date changes must be informed as soon as possible due to photographer/videographer’s availability. If the previously selected photographer/videographer are not available on that date, another photographer/videographer will be sent by VnC Production which have meet VnC Production standards.
  • If CUSTOMER wants to downgrade agreed package, previously booked package will be canceled and must follow newest VnC Production package.

Photographer / Videographer

  • VnC Production reserve the right TO NOT send any photographer/videographer to the event if CUSTOMER fail to settle the remaining payment required before event is held.
  • Photographer/Videographer will contact the CUSTOMER 1 to 3 days prior to the CUSTOMER’s event to get necessary details.
  • Additional photographer or assistant photographer are necessary for events that are held in ballroom, hall, hotel and grand events.

Responsibility, Liability & Accidents

  • In case of accident/injury, natural disaster, violence or death to VnC Production photographer/videographer & anything that are beyond VnC Productioncontrol during traveling to the event location, VnC Production will try to find a replacement. If due to uncontrollable factors beyond VnC Production control & there is no replacement available for CUSTOMER’s event, VnC Production will refund payment that was made by the CUSTOMER.
  • VnC Production ARE NOT responsible for for any photographers/videographers lateness due to incomplete address, wrong information or last minute changes which caused photographers/videographers unable to locate the event location.
  • If any accidents or deaths caused during outdoor photoshoot session that happens NOT because of photographers/videographers mistake while traveling to outdoor location or at the outdoor location, VnC Production ARE NOT responsible on the matter at hand.
  • VnC Production ARE NOT responsible if photographers/videographers fail to capture pictures during the event if CUSTOMER does not provide information regarding whom must be included in the photoshoot.
  • If something happens beyond VnC Production control (IE lost memory card, stolen, camera failure, storage system & backup system failure or stolen, VnC Production will refund the payment that was made by the customer. However, VnC Production will not be responsible to the photos/videos that was already given to the client during product collection. VnC Production will keep the raw photos & videos of the CUSTOMER for 14 days from the date when product was collected by the CUSTOMER.

Time & Working Hours

  • Coverage for events are based on quoted package (IE Coverage hour for Solemnization is 5 hours and for Reception is 7 hours). Photographers / videographers will be at event location 2 hours earlier before the ceremony starts based on the time provided by CUSTOMER.
  • If CUSTOMER needs additional time, VnC Production will charge at the lowest minimum fee which is RM150 per hour.
  • VnC Production package are based on event, if ceremony(ie solemnization) & reception are held on the same day, it is accounted as 2 events and CUSTOMER are required to book 2 events package.
  • If event’s duration which was scheduled earlier are delayed without informing VnC Production in prior and VnC Production photographers/videographers are already on location, VnC Production will charge extra working hours at RM150 per hour.
  • Photographers/videographers already have session that was scheduled for them. If the event are to be postponed to a later time and the photographers/videographers need to be available at another event, VnC Production reserve the right to change another photographers/videographers for your event.
  • Free outdoor photoshoot needs to be done after reception/ceremony (right when the event ends). Duration for the photoshoot are estimated around 30 minutes. The location for the photoshoot are to be determined by CUSTOMER or photographers/videographers advise.
  • If the CUSTOMER needs the photographer/videographer to attend their rehearsal, additional RM100 will be charged per session.
  • If the rehearsal’s location requires additional fees such as parking fee & entrance fee, VnC Production will charge the CUSTOMER accordingly with a receipt provided as proof.

Final Product

  • Final product delivery are 90 working days from last event’s date.
  • Photo and album : Presentation, layout and qualities are as per sample shown.
  • Style, color tones and photography concept are as per sample shown.
  • All photos produced by photographers will be returned in softcopy (All photos are not edited unless the photos used in album). Photos given might be underexpose, underexpose, cropping, blurry and repeating photos.
  • Final product that are ready for pick-up are to be collected by CUSTOMER latest by 30 days from the date when CUSTOMER was informed by VnC Production managament.
  • VnC Production are not responsible if the final product went missing from VnC Production archive after 30 days. Customers must bare the production cost if final product are damaged or missing after exceeding 30 days.
  • VnC Production allow the CUSTOMER to make amendment on the layout album only once before printing. Second time amendment will be charged RM50 per pages. If client wants to make amendment outside of VnC Production office but in the radius of 30 kilometres from VnC Production office, RM50 per hour will be charged. However, CUSTOMER are not charged for amendments made during office hours and at VnC Production office.
  • Video : Video highlight that are given to client comes with 5 minutes length. Video highlight are the simplified version for 1 whole event.
  • Song choice for the video highlight needs to be made before video editor starts with editing process. Any song changes during or after editing won’t be entertained.
  • CUSTOMER needs to provide external/portable hard disk for copying RAW footages.